Perfect Accurate CNC 360

Perfect Accurate CNC 360


CNC Routers focus on Wood working, Sign making, Model making, Mold making, Stone Engraving and many more allied Industries. We also offer Plasma cutting machines for steel and Rotary Engraving machines as well as laser engraving machines.

The CNC Routers have Mist Cooling System for Metal Engraving and Cutting, Auto Lubrication system for smooth mechanical movements, Boring units for wood working applications.


Perfect PCB Deep Milling
Perfect PCB Drilling
Perfect PCB Engraving
Perfect PCB Fine Milling
Perfect PCB Routing


# Description Specification
1 Working area 400 × 400 × 100mm
2 Table Size 514 × 600mm
3 Resolution ± 0.03/300mm
4 Repeatability ± 0.02mm
5 Machine structure Cast steel, table type
6 X structure Ball screw and linear guides
7 Y structure Ball screw and linear guides
8 Z structure Ball screw and linear guides
9 Max. consume power 3.0kw
10 Max. rapid speed 0-12000mm/min
11 Max. working speed 0-10000mm/min
12 Spindle power motor 1.5kw self-coolant spindle, ER16
13 Spindle speed 0-36000rpm
14 Working mode Stepper motor
15 Working voltage AC220V, 50/60Hz, Single phase
16 Command code G Code
17 Operating system NC-Studio system or Mach3 system
18 Interface USB
19 Memory 128M (or flash drive)
20 X, Y working delicacy < 0.01mm
21 Software Artcam Express, Vectric, Aspire
22 Packing size 840 × 810 × 960mm
23 Gross weight 170 kgs